Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase your work?
Thank you for your interest in my work! It makes me incredibly happy that people want to purchase my art. For now, all of my work is available online here, and occasionally I post flash sales/experiments/preorders on my Instagram page, @5one3pottery. I am the only maker behind 513 Pottery, so I release my pieces in small batches to assure unique quality pieces for you to enjoy for years to come. 
Why does it say that you're sold out? Does that mean you will never carry that item again?
When my work is "Sold Out" it simply means that those handmade items have sold, but I am in the process of making more. If you are on Instagram, follow @5one3pottery to see my announcements on when a new shop update will be available or sign up for my newsletter to receive occasional emails (I won't spam you) to let you know when the next update will take place.
I'm local and used the code "LOCAL" when I checked out to remove shipping charges, now how do I schedule to pick up my piece?
Great question! Email me within 48 hours of purchase at with the subject line "Schedule Pickup" so that we can arrange a time and place. 
Do you offer local delivery?
If you've purchased a piece and are local to the St. Augustine area and used the code "LOCAL" to remove your shipping charges, I do offer a limited number of delivery slots depending on my schedule. Email me at with the subject line "Schedule Pickup" and ask if I have availability for local deliveries. Please include your location and preferred day/time.
I'm interested in custom pieces or wholesale items, is that something you offer?
I occasionally offer a limited number of custom orders, and I am interested in wholesale as well. Please email me at with specific details on your project, such as inspiration, timeline needed, number of items requested, and any other applicable details. The more info the better! I will return your email at my earliest convenience. Thank you!
I placed multiple orders, can you ship them together?
I am happy to combine shipments when it is safe for your pieces. I do not make any money on shipping, so I will refund any shipping overages once your orders are safely packed and dropped off at the USPS. 
Shipping cost seems high, why?
Shipping is expensive, and our USPS is currently experiencing a funding crisis. Rest assured that I do not make any money on shipping your orders and will always refund any shipping overages once your pieces are safely packed and dropped off at the USPS. 
I placed my order! When will I receive my package?
Congratulations! You snagged a piece! Please allow 48 hours for processing, packaging, and shipping. I am a one-woman operation. I always ship through USPS Priority mail, so once your piece is dropped off I am happy to provide you with your USPS Tracking Number. If you would like this number, please email me at and I will gladly provide you with your unique tracking number. 
How do I care for my new piece?
All items are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe unless otherwise stated on the product description. I always recommend that you hand wash your pottery because it extends the life of your purchase. 
On certain pieces like the Starbursts, which have a fair amount of exposed raw clay, I only recommend hand washing to avoid water from being trapped in the clay, or the surface from being discolored. I also recommend that you do not scrub the exposed raw clay, because this can also lead to discoloration. Simply scrub the glazed areas, rinse the exposed clay, and towel dry immediately.
Avoid extreme temperature changes, called thermal shock, by running warm water over your mug before pouring freshly boiled water into it. It is not common, but thermal shock can crack your piece. 
Do you ship internationally?
Though I have never shipped internationally before, I am certainly happy to do so. I do not control shipping costs, and will always refund any shipping overages. 
My package never showed up, what do I do?
Once your package is in the hands of the Post Office, it is out of my control. Please contact them with your Tracking Number (which I can provide you) to inquire about your package. I always ship Priority Mail, so your package is insured. If you have followed the steps above and still are unable to resolve your issue, please contact me at hello@513pottery and I will work with you to figure out a resolution. 
I opened my package and was so sad to see that it's broken! What do I do?
I haven't had any pieces (knock on wood) break in transit yet, so this is a new area for me. Within 48 hours of receiving your broken piece, please take a picture and email it to me at Once I receive your email you have the option of a full refund, or I can place you on my preorder list to make you another special handmade piece like the one you previously purchased. 
Where does the name 513 Pottery come from?
513 is a special number to me. In fact, I have it tattooed on my forearm! It is the street number of the house my college family and I lived in when I was an undergrad at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). It is where I made lifelong friends, and where I started my foray into the world of ceramic arts. 

Thank you so much for shopping 513 Pottery!

You are more appreciated than you can know.